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English club

V – Club, which was founded on 21/12/2008, is managed by the students of Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ton Duc Thang University. Also, it serves as a meeting place for those who love to practice English.
The name V - CLUB was taken from the image of V in VICTORY. In addition, V also stands for Volunteer. Moreover, V means VARIETY, a club with diverse, fresh, attractive styles to students of different majors.
• In addition to bimonthly theme-related meetings, the club organizes annual contests such as English Eloquence, MC Contest, or other knowledge-related competitions, etc.
• Organize meetings in which students have the opportunity to exchange with talented students and other clubs
• Set up English Camps for the purpose of creating learning environments for the students
• Invite native speakers to give club members the opportunity to be exposed to a more authentic English environment.

1. Registration: 
    a. Participants: All of the students of Ton Duc Thang University and students from other schools who show interest in English
    b. Registration procedure: 
        You may complete the attached form, and then send the file to the mail address: 

2. Benefits:
- Being offered the topic handout and instructed how to take part in
- Practice speaking English in an appropriate environment
- Making new friends to exchange and widen English knowledge
- Be eligible to participate in all of the activities of V-club (watching movies, listening to music, quiz, etc.)
- Have the opportunity to practice public speaking 
- Being equipped with English communicative skills as a preparation for future work
- Being given the chance to practice speaking and listening naturally, vocabulary, standard grammar, which helps increase confidence as speaking English
- Students of other faculties can hone speaking and listening skills in order to achieve 500 points in TOEIC before graduation.
- Support students doing scientific research through mastering vocabulary and grammar
- Having the right to contribute constructive comments for a more attractive V-club

 3. Regulation:  (applicable to all club members)
- Vietnamese is not allowed
- Pay 2,000 VND to support preparing, printing, and photocopying document when participating 
- Actively constructing opinions in discussions
- Follow all instructions of V-club board of management and supervisors 
- Take part in the club regularly 
- Respect other students, behave with courtesy, propriety, be friendly to other people, show solidarity, openness, and help one another for mutual progress 
- No littering 
- Do not smoke, drink alcohol, swear, or quarrel 
- Keep an eye on your personal property