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High-quality English Major

Most of the majors which offer regular bachelor and also high-quality program. Here are some differences:
•    Training Programs:
    o    Curricula reached the international standards; 100% of materials, textbooks and Power Point files were written in English;
    o    There are more credits than Regular Bachelor and its focus tense to lean more on English, skills, major course and vocational course.
    o    Vocational course, study and do internships at enterprises every semesters.
    o    Doing internships, semesters in other countries and graduation thesis in English.
•    Lecturers and learning environment:
    o    Each class only study from 20 to 40% of theory. Classroom for practice carries around 15 to 20 students.
    o    Lecturers who are professors, associate professors, doctors and experts from enterprises
    o    At least 50% of subjects are taught in English.
    o    Students take initiatives in learning with the support provided by teaching assistants and participate in exchange programs with foreign students as well as scientific research activities with the university’s researchers.
•    Requirements for graduation:
    o    National and international vocational certificates
    o    English: TOEIC 600 or IELTS 5.5;
    o    Computer Science: MOS 750/1000;
    o    Fluent in English, active and flexible to compete in international environment