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Mandarin Chinese (Standard) Code: 7220204


Major: MandarinChinese - Code: 7220204

Program: Standard Program

Level: Undergraduate

Mode of study: Mainstream

Degree: Bachelor

Programme Objectives - POs

PO1: to provide a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for careers as professionals in educational institutions and industry where Mandarin Chinese proficiency is involved.
PO2: to prepare students for engaging in research activities in related fields, especially in the fields of Business and Cultural Chinese.

PO3: to equip students with political qualities and professional ethics, politeness,

creativity, and responsibility at work and in personal and social life.

Expected learning Outcomes- ELOs

Group of ELOs


Description of ELOs

Generic knowledge

General knowledge of political theory, social sciences, foreign languages, and informatics

ELO1: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors have deep understanding of politics, natural and social sciences, foreign languages, and informatics, including:

  1. The basic principles of Marxism - Leninism

  2. Ho Chi Minh Ideology

  3. Revolutionary ways of Communist Party

    of Vietnam

  4. Research Methodology

  5. Introduction to Laws

  6. Learning methods in University

  7. Teamwork skills

  8. Negotiation and Bargaining

  9. Writing and Presenting skills

  10. Writing and Presenting skills

  11. Fundamentals of Informatics

  12. English

Specific knowledge

cultural principles and practice or of business Chinese

of language linguistics; of language

ELO2: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors have deep understanding of the structures, sentences, and written symbols of Mandarin Chinese language.

ELO3: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors have knowledge in the field of Business, Language and Cultural Chinese

Professional skills (Practical skills: involving manual dexterity and the use of methods, materials, tools and instruments)

Skills in business, cultural Chinese and for working in industry where Chinese communication is involved

ELO4: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors are able to communicate fluently in Mandarin Chinese.
ELO5: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors are able to translate and interpret relatively effectively in business, cultural situations .

Generic skills

(Cognitive skills: involving the use of logical, intuitive and creative thinking)

Soft skills

ELO6: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors are able to communicate and behave properly in social situations.
ELO7: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors are able to prepare frequently used documents.

Attitude and awareness

- Political attitudes and professional ethics;

- Responsibilities;

ELO8: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors are well disciplined.
ELO9: Mandarin Chinese language bachelors live and work responsibly, progressively, positively, proactively.