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2018 Fourth Annual Career Day

     2018 "Fourth Annual Career Day" brings more than 25 businesses and centers with many vacancies as a great opportunity for students to access businesses, centers, and job search for future career.
     2018 “Fourth Annual Career Day” takes place on the ground floor of Building B, with open space and consulting desk - on-site recruitment with businesses, and participating centers. At each consulting desk, businesses and centers will develop recruitment information, deliver - receive applications and conduct on-site interviews for qualified candidates. This is an opportunity for students of Foreign Languages in particular, also students of Ton Duc Thang University in general to directly meet employers, find out information about jobs and submit applications with various positions in many different career fields.

* Some photos of the fair:

Representative of KNN communicates with representatives of businesses
Career Day attracted many students to attend
Participating students fill in application information
Enterprises enthusiastically consult information for students
Students queued up to receive applications