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Visiting tour to Vietnam TongWei company in Tien Giang province

     On the morning of October 27, the Department of Foreign Languages of Ton Duc Thang University organized a tour for students to visit TongWei Vietnam Company. Participants of the tour are freshman, sophomores, and senior students of the faculty, under the guidance of Ms. Ta Thi Hong Diem.
     Under the guidance of Ms. Ta Thi Hong Diem, students of Foreign Language Department visit TongWei company. At the company's meeting room, teachers and students listened to assistant director Nguyen Thi Tuyen - presenting about the company and the development of the company began from 1997 to present. At the company, Assistant Director Nguyen Thi Tuyen clearly clarifies the different stages of the company's development to the company's current business situation and the company's development goals in the future. The presentation also mentioned how the company's employees are working. TongWei Company is a company specializing in aqua feed production, the products are strictly tested and the processes are always in line, along with the company cooperation and the farms that supply safe agricultural products. 

     Next is the introduction about the current changes of the company. TongWei company pointed out that the working environment of the company is a potential match for Ton Duc Thang University's foreign language students. Referring to talent, TongWei believes that talents are always welcomed with many prospects for development. TongWei always knows that talent is always an indispensable source for big businesses.
After that, Assistant Director Nguyen Thi Tuyen instructed to visit company’s office, factory, aquatic food production department and some other locations at Tongwei Vietnam Company.
      After visiting under the guidance and introduction of Assistant Director Nguyen Thi Tuyen, students basically understand the operation of the plant and the process of producing aquatic food here and have better understanding about the development of TongWei Company in Vietnam.

    This visiting tour has enhanced the connection between the university and the company, helped students better understand the company's production model, from which students have a better orientation for their future. Sightseeing activities end in joyful air.

* Some pictures of the tour:

Students take photos before visiting.
Students listen to the presentation
Assistant director Nguyen Thi Tuyen introduces the company
Students visit aqua feed factory
Students join the game.