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The closing Ceremony and Prize giving for the Literature Poster making competition

On November 18, 2023, at Hall B, Tan Phong Campus, Ton Duc Thang University, the closing ceremony and prize distribution for the 2023-2024 Literature Poster Competition was held by the Faculty of Foreign Languages, involving over 100 students majoring in English Language. A total of 21 captivating posters were submitted for the competition, showcasing the creative talents of the participants.

Prizes were awarded to these posters:

  • First Prize: "Alice in Wonderland" Poster - A visually stunning portrayal of the enchanting world of Alice that captivated the judges and stood out as the best.
  • Second Prize: "Little Prince" Poster - An exquisite representation of the quest for meaning in life, demonstrating a delicate and sophisticated approach to the subject.
  • Third Prize: "Pride and Prejudice" Poster - A timeless depiction of social class dynamics, love, and challenges, earning the admiration of the judging panel.
  • Two recognition awards:

          - "The Old Man and The Sea" Poster - A special tribute to the epic struggle between man and the sea, depicted with vivid and compelling imagery.

          - "Little Women" Poster - A powerful portrayal of female strength and solidarity in society, earning recognition for its impactful message.

  • Audience's Choice Award:

       - "Poirot" Hallowe'en Party Poster - In a democratic twist, the audience had their say, and they chose the "Poirot" Hallowe'en Party Poster as the most impressive. The combination of drama and Halloween atmosphere created a unique and captivating piece.

The competition concluded successfully, highlighting the creativity and talent of English Language students at the Department of Foreign Languages. Congratulations to all participating teams, and it is hoped that this event serves as inspiration for future creative endeavors.

Mr. Nguyen Thien Khoa - member of the jury gave the opening speech
Mr. Nguyen Thien Khoa gave the opening speech.
Lecturers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages
Lecturers and students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.
Representatives of the teams were awarded with their works.
Representatives of the teams were awarded with their works.