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FFL zone

In the context of globalization and the rapid development of business and intercultural communication, the need of learning as well as using foreign languages has been experienced a sharp increase. However, it seems that the demand for an appropriate space for practicing languages in terms of speaking after class-time has not been satisfied yet. Accordingly, FFL Zone has been established to meet the requirement. This area works as an open space in which all needed equipment and diverse materials are available for students of FFL-TDTU to enhance their speaking skills in English and Chinese languages. 

Location: Hall B-4th floor
a. Missions:
- Provide students with opportunities to increase their language skills and competencies and communicate with many other students in the faculty;
- Help students realize the vital role of English and Chinese language in their subsequent employment, career growth and daily life.
- Offer students a good learning environment for improving their major knowledge;
- Encourage the start-up spirit of students.
b. Objectives:
- Improve language skills in English and Chinese.
- Better speaking skills and communication skills.
- Motivate students for greater use of self-study.