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Recruitment Information of Dragon Logistics

We are growing ! Be a part of our talented team to develop yourself further and benefit from great career opportunities under joint venture. We are looking for new colleagues who can help to organize and improve our sales team activities and professional operational skills with their experience and dedication. Looking for forwarding to having your attention.
我们在成长! 成为我们优秀团队的一员,在合资企业中获得更大的职业发展机会。我们正在寻找共同成长的同伴, 帮助和提高我们的销售团队能力, 用他们的经验和精神提高我们专业的操作技能。期待得到你的关注。

CV please send to/简历请发送至:

Mr Vincent: mingliang.zhou@draco.com.vn

Ms Tiny: HuynhAnh.Nguyen@draco.com.vn,

1. Background of Our company and Team

Dragon logistics has more than 26 years history and have 650 staffs, we are multicultural enterprise including Vietnamese/Chinese/Janpanese. We are focusing on logistics for import and export and other challenging fields.

Our Team is Chinese team serve for Chinese customers in Vietnam, we are young and dynamic. Our company in China is subsidiary of Ningbo Port Group which is the biggest port all over the world.We have yearly training opportunity in Ningbo, China for potential staffs.

* 公司及团队背景

龙物流拥有超过 26 年的历史及 650 名员工,是一家包括越南、中国、日本在内的多元文化企业。我们专注于进出口物流和其他具有挑战性的领域。
我们的团队是为中国客户服务的中国团队,我们年轻而充满活力。我在国内的公司是宁波港集团在中国的子公司,宁波港是世界上最大的港口。 每年我们会为有潜力的员工提供在中国宁波的培训机会。

2. Position for Recruitment

  • HCM office is located in Copac square 12 Ton Dan Street, District 4, Ho Chi Minh city
  • Working hours between 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM, Monday to Friday, Saturday Morning work from home.

* 招聘职位

  • 公司:位于胡志明市第四区东丹街 12 号科帕克广场
  • 工作时间为上午 8:00 至下午 17:00,周一至周五,周六上午远程在家办公

1) Position for sales assistance:

+ Organizing & following & leading the sales team activities
+ Responsible for improving our sales activities in Vietnam market.
+ Building and improving relationships with current & potential customers
+ Answering customers requests, following for new inquiries
+ Arranging and attending customer visits & events
+ Collecting & Preparing weekly reports on sales activities

* 销售助理岗位:

+ 组织、跟踪和领导销售活动
+ 负责改进我们在越南市场的销售活动。
+ 建立和改善与现有和潜在的客户关系
+ 跟进客户的要求和新的询盘
+ 安排和参加客户访问和活动
+ 收集和准备销售活动的周报

2) Position for operator/customer service

+ organizing & following & leading operation activities
+ Responsible for improving our operation activities in and out of Vietnam market.
+ Calling, building, improving relationships with current customers
+ Answering customers question, following shipments
+ Arranging and attending customer visits
+ Optimize and utilize vendor resources

* 操作/客服职位
+ 组织、跟踪、领导操作运营工作
+ 负责提高我们在越南国内外的操作业务
+ 与现有客户建立和改善关系
+ 回答客户的问题,跟踪客户需求
+ 安排并参加客户拜访
+ 优化和利用供应商资源

3. Requirement for above positions

1, Age: 20-35 years
2, Gender: Male/Female
3, Language: Vietnamese + Chinese/English. Be good at listening/reading/written/spoken/translation in Chinese/English.
4, Character: responsible, good learning ability, active, with capability of going well with Chinese.
5, Working station: HCM District 04 Copac square
6, Salary: Gross 13,000,000- 18,000,000 VND/month depends on qualification of candidate
7, Job capacity: sales assistant and logistic operator positioned in customer service

* 以上职位要求

1. 年龄:20-35 岁
2. 性别:男/女
3. 语言: 越南  + 中文或英文。良好的中文或英文听/读/写/说/翻译能力。
4. 性格特点: 有责任心,学习能力强,积极主动,有较强的中文能力。
5. 工作地点:胡志明市第 4 郡 Copac 广场
6. 薪资待遇: 税前 1300 万-1800 万越南盾/月,视候选人的资质和能力而定
7. 工作职责: 销售助理和客服操作