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Academic workshop“British culture” of Dr. Mimi Tessier

In the afternoon of 25th September, 2017, Dr.Mimi Tessier from England, who is currently working at Hertfordshire (England) University, has visited TDTU and hosted the seminar"British culture" towards FFL's lecturers at B conference room.

Thematic report on Elearning for FFL lecturers

In the afternoon of 15 November, 2017 at the meeting room under Stand A (TDTU Stadium) Dr. Michael Choy and Dr. Bryan from Dio Works Group had a working session with the lectuers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL) about Elearning and online courses .

The training on “Conducting research” for FFL’s lecturers

In the morning of 5th September, 2017, at C conference room, the Demasted has organized the training section on "Conducting research" for FFL's lecturers.